ASUS ROG G551VW - DVD-ROM Drive Information

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DVD-ROM Drive Information

Regional Playback Information

Playback of DVD movie titles involves decoding MPEG2 video, digital AC3 audio

and decryption of CSS protected content. CSS (sometimes called copy guard) is

the name given to the content protection scheme adopted by the motion picture

industry to satisfy a need to protect against unlawful content duplication.

Although the design rules imposed on CSS licensors are many, one rule that is

most relevant is playback restrictions on regionalized content. In order to facilitate

geographically staggered movie releases, DVD video titles are released for

specific geographic regions as defined in “Region Definitions” below. Copyright

laws require that all DVD movies be limited to a particular region (usually coded

to the region at which it is sold). While DVD movie content may be released for

multiple regions, CSS design rules require that any system capable of playing CSS

encrypted content must only be capable of playing one region.

IMPORTANT! The region setting may be changed up to five times using the viewer

software, then it can only play DVD movies for the last region setting. Changing the

region code after that will require factory resetting which is not covered by warranty. If

resetting is desired, shipping and resetting costs will be at the expense of the user.

The DVD-ROM drive allows you to view and create your own CDs and DVDs. You

can purchase an optional DVD viewer software to view DVD titles.

NOTE: The DVD-ROM Drive is available on selected models.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Region Definitions

Region 1

Canada, US, US Territories

Region 2

Czech, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Gulf States, Hungary, Iceland, Iran,

Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia,

Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, UK, Greece,

Former Yugoslav Republics, Slovakia

Region 3

Burma, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand,


Region 4

Australia, Caribbean (Except US Territories), Central America, New Zealand, Pacific

Islands, South America

Region 5

CIS, India, Pakistan, Rest of Africa, Russia, North Korea

Region 6


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Notebook PC E-Manual

Region Definitions

Region A

North, Central and South American countries, and their territories; Taiwan, Hong

Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea (South and North), South East Asian countries and their


Region B

European, African, and South West Asian countries and their territories; Australia

and New Zealand.

Region C

Central, South Asian, Eastern European countries and their territories; China and


NOTE: Refer to Blu-ray Disc website at

rayDiscforVideo.aspx for more details.